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Affordable Modern Office Chairs Under $100

Posted by Louis Hui on

In workplaces, one of our main concerns is to stay motivated and productive throughout the day and week. Although working through the day may not be a lot of physical activity, it is definitely straining your body by sitting in one particular posture. Forcing your body to stay in the sitting posture while you work is likely to make way for a lot of health issues. 

Investing in a comfortable office chair would just be the solution to this problem. With work from home culture thriving in the post-pandemic world, having a home office desk chair would be a great addition to your office furniture collection! Oh, you do not want to spend so much on an office chair? Worry not because we are here with a list of the top 5 recommended office chairs under $100 that you can make the best use of. 

1. INO Design Modern Grey Fluff And White Faux Leather Cover Adjustable Office Desk Chair With Side Arms

Whoever said that beauty and comfort cannot go together? They definitely can! If you are looking for something classy, stylish yet a chair that gives you the utmost comfort, this is your product to choose from. 

The grey fluff and white faux leather adds beauty to your home or office interiors while the armrest is added support for your posture. The monochromatic colors help your home or office aesthetics to stay intact. This luxury leather office chair will help you smoothly be productive with your work while giving your back the perfect support. This adjustable home office furniture can now be accommodated in almost any place that you desire at your home or office. 

Be it your home or office, having comfortable furniture with your mind and body posture happy, you will find yourself indulging in productive work.


Price: $90

Material: Leather

2. INO Design Modern High Back Ergonomic Computer Gaming Racing Office Chair- Black

Have trouble with back and neck pains and finding your sitting space restricting? This modern high-back ergonomic office chair has all the potential to be your next office best buddy. With its amazing properties of having a high backrest with a design that supports your back and armrest to make sure your shoulders are relaxed, it will have you swooning. 

With an adjustable setting and a sleek black look, this chair is appropriate for both your home space and office space. The high backrest design not only gives support to your back but also your neck, correcting your complete posture. You can now say goodbye to back problems and welcome total comfort in your workspace. 


Price: $89

Material: PU Leather

3. INO Design Modern Medium Back Armless Adjustable Office Chair- Black

When people look for office furniture they also look into if they fit inconveniently in their workspace as in the post-pandemic world, the workspace is often inside your own homes too. What you need is something adjustable and accommodating. 

If you find armrests restricting your hand's movements and posture, then this office chair is for you. With the comfort this chair provides with your employee engagement will increase along with productivity. The wheels attached to the chairs make it comfortable and accessible too. With no compromise in its quality, the chair is durable, made from premium quality materials. Be it home or office, your place can have an amazing addition of a black, stable office chair. 


Price: $45

Material: Fabric

4. INO Design Modern Medium Back Ergonomic Mesh Adjustable Office Chair With Arms

While we spend our days fixing our job priorities, we often ignore the discomfort caused by our posture or low-quality chairs. To avoid workplace injury and to eliminate backaches, it is necessary to have chairs that can be adjustable according to your needs. 

This home office desk chair makes it extremely comfortable to lean back on it with its ergonomic mesh back. You can adjust the height of the chair too and if your occupation involves a lot of type work, the armrest provided with this chair is very convenient. By choosing comfort, you are also choosing improved productivity and better health. 

The design of this chair is convenient to fit in almost all office and home spaces to create the perfect work area for yourself. Coming in the classy color of black, you have something that will go perfectly with your home and workspace. 


Price: $65

Material: Fabric

5. INO Design Modern Mid Back Medium Adjustable Office Chair With Arms- Black

A lot of you may choose style along with comfort and functions too, which is completely acceptable when it comes to office furniture. Black is not just a safe color to use but also the most elegant and bold color that has the power to blend in and stand out at the same time in any room. 

This adjustable office chair gives immense support to your back and corrects the posture in no time to give you a comfortable work experience. With better posture, you will be focused enough to be productive and confident enough to have maximum engagement with your employees. 

The armrest is an added support that will help you when you tire out from typing or during long meetings. 

Investing in office furniture is as important as investing in healthcare and home decor, as there is so much that you do in an office atmosphere. You are constantly breaking your brain to bring up great ideas and keep up with your employees. This can now be further supported by your beloved office chair. Grab your perfect work partner and excel in your chosen field of work! 


Price: $80

Material: Fabric