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Best Folding Bike You Can Buy For 2021

Posted by Louis Hui on

A folding bike is an ideal companion for many people owing to its efficiency, versatility, and easy to handle. Easy to carry, store, secure and strong, people are now acknowledging its benefits more easily. 

They were originally made for military purposes but soon found their way on the roads of cities, being used by common people. Nowadays, it’s especially sought out by people who are fond of cycling as an adventurous sport. Folding bikes can be used in both concrete roads and difficult terrains - hence a great tool for cyclists and adventurers!

Let’s go over a few important benefits of foldable bikes quickly!

Why You Should Get A Foldable Bike!

As we have already mentioned, foldable bikes are very versatile. But if you are still not convinced, let us take you through the benefits of a folding bike one by one!

  1. 1. Use Public Transport Without Restrictions

Unlike your regular bike which may give you hell if you try to take it on a bus or train, a foldable bike makes this experience much easier. Due to its ability to fold, it can save a lot of space and be easy to carry inside a crowded train, bus, or car.

  1. 2. Saves Space

One of the biggest benefits of a folding bike is its ability to fit in any space. Unlike the regular, mainstream bikes, that would not easily fit in a cramped space, a folding bike presents no such troubles. You can even keep it in your room, right by the side of your bed!

  1. 3. Hard To Steal

Now, now. How many times have you had to really worry yourself while you went inside a shop or a restaurant and left your bike outside? That pressure! But with foldable bikes, that risk gets reduced a great deal! You can simply take your bike inside with you - it’s not gonna take space!

  1. 4. Saves Environment

Given how useful and well-adjusted these bikes are for everyday commute and traveling, they can help reduce the carbon output and fossil fuel misuse. Folding bikes can make the commute easier for everyday tasks - unless it’s a really long journey, you won’t need to take out your car.

Unyousual Folding Bikes For You!

While selecting foldable bikes can definitely be a bit tough for many people, we are here to make it easy for you. Check out the two best options for the most unYOUsual folding bikes if you want to get the best features!

Here we have two of the most affordable, lightweight folding bikes on the market. Excellent choice for everyday life - you can carry them easily, store them easily, and won’t have to worry about adjusting them on public transport.

1. Unyousual Lightweight Steel frame Folding Bike (Silver)

This beautiful silver folding bike looks classy and is a perfect urban commuter bike for your everyday hustle. Get this bike for your daily commute through the city - be it office, school, or just about any other business - it is fit for you!

This foldable bike comes with adjustable seats and handlebars and weighs 32 lb. Easy to transport, fold and store, it’s an ideal choice for city dwellers who live in apartments or small spaces. Moreover, once out of the box, you can assemble this bike with minimum effort.


Price: $230

Shimano 6 speeds

Simple twist grip shifter

WANDA 20" x 1.75 tires for speedy acceleration

2. Unyousual Lightweight Steel frame Folding Bike (Black-Green)

Pretty much as competent as its above-mentioned silver counterpart, what sets this folding bike apart the most is its rugged, outdoorsy black-green color. While it would work tremendously well in everyday commute as well, the design and color choice is often the favorite of youngsters and sports fans.

This foldable bike also comes with adjustable handlebars and seats with a weight of 32 lb. Easy transportation through the everyday commute, RVs, boats, apartments, and small living spaces. The black-green folding bike is easy to assemble, transport and store.


Price: $230

Shimano 6 speeds

Simple twist grip shifter

WANDA 20" x 1.75 tires for speedy acceleration

So which ones are you most impressed with? Folding bikes are perhaps one of the most efficient bikes to be on roads. Have you picked yours yet?

Select The Best Folding Bike

It’s important that you first establish why you need the folding bike. Do you want to save space? Want to chase trails on an adventure in nature? Do you bike as a hobby or simply use it for easy and regular transport?

The secret to buying the best folding bike is always knowing your needs first and then analyzing the available options! Here are some things you may need to consider before you get yourself the appropriate folding bike:

1. Size

Folding bikes often come in sizes that are fit for all - what you need to consider is its adjustability. Every folding bike will have some basic adjustments to be made as per the needs of the rider. 

2. Weight

If you need to climb a lot of stairs or and may have to carry your bike too regularly while on the commute, you have to consider lightweight folding bikes. Bikes with fewer gears or that are single-speed might be a good option for you.

3. Folding Mechanism

You must consider the time it takes to fold your bike. If you are someone who is always on a tight schedule and commuters using public transport, a fast-folding bike should be your pick!

4. Wheels

Wheels are a major factor in deciding a folding bike owing to the terrain they will be subjected to. If you are an adventurer who often goes on trails, then consider having wheels that have at least 4-inch tires to make the bumpy ride smoother. An average 20-inch wheel would do just fine for most types of commute.