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Budget-Friendly Modern Dining Chairs You Can Buy

Posted by Louis Hui on

Breakfast, lunch, dinner - all of it happens at one place, your dining table. It’s also commonplace in your home where crazy late-night parties and important family talks take place.

Dining tables have therefore played a major role in major family events and are considered a very important part of a house. For many families, a dining table isn’t there just for the sake of utilities but also for its aesthetic value and social status.

You heard it right - dining tables and chairs can symbolize social status for many many families and hence they come to a tad pricey too. But hey, gone are the times when expensive meant good quality and budget price meant bad.

Today, you don’t have to belong to a wealthy household to be able to afford dining tables and chairs that not only come cheap but also look great in your home! Let’s get to know how to select and buy budget-friendly dining chairs online.

Selecting Right Chairs

You must keep these 3 important things in mind before investing in a set of good dining chairs:

The Difference In Scale

For the dining chairs to be compatible and comfortable with the dining table, there must be a right difference of measurement between the two. That is, the difference between the tabletop and the seat of dining chairs should be between 8-14 inches.

Seat Height

You should try different measurements of dining chairs with your table to find the perfect fit for it. Not just the difference between tabletop and dining chairs seat but also between chairs seat and ground should be considered to fit the needs of your family.

Arms And Back

Another thing you should not compromise on would be the height of the dining chair's arms and its back. If the chairs’ arms and back are too high, it will not just be uncomfortable sitting, but also make you look ridiculously small while sitting. 

Now let’s have a look at some of the options for budget-friendly modern dining chairs that will not just match your dining table but also protect your purse.

1. INO Design Modern Fabric Dining Chair

This sleek set of modern dining chairs is a perfect choice for any contemporary-styled home with a small family or limited space. What’s the best about this set is the fact that it will look perfect almost anywhere in the house - dining room, kitchen, living room, and even guest room.

This easy to carry around chair will be your companion anywhere in the house - even if you just want to grab a chair and take it to the patio or balcony, it will look perfect. Match it with a glass top dining table and it will give your set a completely modern and sleek look.


Price: $200

Seating capacity: 4

Material: Polyester blend

2. INO Design Modern Dining Fabric Chair 

This grey set of 4 modern dining chairs are a perfect choice for a small family that wants to give their home a modern but cozy look. The grey color of the set provides it a relatively homier feel than its black counterpart and makes it more versatile in its design sense.

Lightweight and easy to carry around, you can keep this set of dining chairs anywhere in the house and it will not look out of place. This will look the best with wooden, white, and glass top dining tables, although you can also use from this set an individual chair in different places. It could be your dining chair or office chair, as per your wishes.


Price: $200

Seating capacity: 4

Material: Polyester upholstery

3. INO Design Modern Style Dining Side Chair

This stylish set of 6 dining side chairs is all that you need in your home to give it an ultra-modern and contemporary look. Bring your home’s aesthetics one notch higher with this grand and yet cozy chair in your home.

This set of 6 dining chairs can be used as a set together in the dining room or also as separate office chairs as and when needed. Its high back and black finished metal makes this set look not just luxurious but also stylish.


Price: $149

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Synthetic fiber, polyester blend

4. INO Design Luxury Velvet Office Dining Chair

Add a splash of color and a dash of grandeur to your place with this luxurious set of 2 blue velvet dining office chairs. This comfy and modern dining chair has a mid-century design and a subtle but comfortable style.

Made to go perfectly with your dining set and complement your work desk, you can use it as dining chairs or office chairs depending on your convenience and choice. This set for 2 will fit in small spaces and is the perfect choice for those who live alone. Its beautiful color will blend perfectly with the color palette of most homes and give them a cozy aura.


Price: $129

Seating capacity: 2

Material: Steel and velvet

5. INO Design Modern Luxury Velvet Dining Chair

If anything can truly show the meaning of ‘cozy’ in its looks, comfort, and feel, it would be this set of ultra-modern, luxury velvet dining chair set of 2. You can use this set as a kitchen dining chair, an office chair, or a desk and patio chair - it will fit every place with its versatile style and design.

Made in a strong and durable steel frame along with a high-density sponge on the inside providing great comfort, this set of velvet dining chairs will go with most home interiors and would be especially loved by those who are a fan of professional shade of colors.


Price: $129

Seating capacity: 2

Material: Steel and velvet

So there you go! These are some examples of how you can get a lot of value out of dining chairs without having to buy a complete dining table set. These budget-friendly dining chairs will seamlessly fit into most homes and enhance their aura with stylish comfort.