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Kitchen Furniture & Dining Tables You'll Love in 2021

Posted by Louis Hui on

While selecting furniture for the living room, study room or bedroom is often taken seriously, many people forget to put that much dedication into selecting their kitchen furniture.

Oftentimes people view kitchen furniture and dining tables as purely practical and not of aesthetic value. What you must remember is that the kitchen is one of the most intimate parts of your house - and how you take care of it reflects a lot about you.

Any outsider and guest can take a look at your kitchen and get a pretty good insight into how messy or well organised your inner life is. So our suggestion? Take your kitchen furniture and dining table as seriously as any other part of your house!

Now if you are not sure how to go about this process, we have some tips for you along with some dashing examples. Let’s figure out some most important criteria for selecting the right dining table for your kitchen!

What To Look Out For!

The most important thing while picking up the dining table set for your kitchen is to ensure it goes well with the interiors and space. Let’s see where to start!

  1. First of all, note the dimensions of the house and prepare a layout of how much space you would have to fit in a dining table. You don’t want to end up buying a set too small or too big. 

  1. Next, you must consider the seating capacity and requirements. How many family members are there? Ask yourself such important questions and determine if you need a dining table set for 4, 6 or more people.

  1. The material of the dining table is important. If you have energetic and hyperactive children at home can your table withstand their games?

  1. Now comes the aesthetics - is your overall kitchen modern, cosy, sleek, shiny? What’s the dominant colour and what colour of the dining table set would match?

Now that we know what you are looking for, let’s see our best options with these beautiful dining sets and kitchen furniture!

1. Modern Glass Top Dining Table

This ultra-modern 5-piece dining table set is a dream come true for those who are looking for both stylish and cosy kitchen furniture. The glass top of this set makes it look elegant and classy while its wooden legs give the set its cosy appeal. 

The framework for both the table and chairs have been prepared in pure steel, making it highly durable and making the glass top highly resistant to stains and scratches. So if you have children at home, you don’t have to worry about your tabletop getting scratches or stains.


Price: $350

Seating capacity: 4

Material: Glass, wood and fabric

2. Black Glass Top Dining Table

This 7-piece dining table set is a beautiful and highly classy dining table that will go extremely well in any modern kitchen. The most striking aspect of the beautiful dining table is its matte black set of chairs and a glossy glass-top table, creating a perfectly elegant contrast.

This dining table set for 6 will give your kitchen a regal look and a comfortable time for any gathering. Each of the chairs come with faux leather upholstery accenting their metal frame, giving them a regal look. 


Price: $280

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Glass, stainless steel. Metal and faux leather

3. Classic Wooden Top Dining Table

This cosy dining table set for 4 has a cosy appeal and warmth to it. With its wooden top, the table provides a sense of comfort and the grey fabric chairs make the entire set uniquely appealing for any kitchen space.

This dining table set for 4 is especially suited for any small kitchen while also going perfectly in larger spaces. Decorate your kitchen with this strong table set and complement the interiors of your kitchen with a few indoor plants to give it the ultimate homely feel.


Price: $315

Seating capacity: 4

Material: Metal, wood and fabric

4. Modern White Top Dining Table

This 5-piece dining table set is one of the most aesthetically pleasing sets you will ever see. This piece comes with an array of colours that can fit whatever scene you put it in. Its versatile style and colour combination makes it fitting for both a high-class modern kitchen and a rustic, cosy kitchen.

This dining table set for 5 comes with a white tabletop, wooden legs, grey fabric chairs with metal legs. With a total of four different colours - all neutral in their own ways, this set can fit literally any aesthetic environment perfectly.


Price: $360

Seating capacity: 4

Material: Metal, iron, manufactured wood, fabric

5. Simple 3-Piece Dining Table

A particularly loved 3-piece dining table set, the one word that defines this beautiful dining table set is cute! A perfect set for those people who are living alone, a couple, roommates or for children. 

If you live alone and have a smaller space, this table is a perfect pick - the stools can fit perfectly under the table making the space less crampy and easy to manage. It can be used well for both dining and working - hence the favourite of most students and comes in a perfect budget!


Price: $190

Seating capacity: 2

Material: Metal, wood and steel

7. Modern Wooden Top Dining Table

This 7-piece dining table set is perfect for a big family and if you want to have something that matches the modern aesthetics of your home, then this is the one to pick. The grey and wooden colour of the set will give your kitchen a cosy vibe.

A dining table set for six, the splayed wooden legs of both the table and the chairs give the set its sleek look for a perfect city apartment. The armless chairs come with a stain and fade-resistant polyester cover that can save you a lot of time and scrub in the long run.


Price: $350

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Manufactured wood, polyester cover, metal-iron


So there we go - all of these designs tick off the checklist we prepared in the beginning. From their practical aspects to their aesthetic beauty, a good dining table set can add a lot of value to your home and kitchen. 

Stick to your requirements and then decide what suits you the best - practically and visually. All your requirements will find an answer in this list!