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The Ultimate Guide To Dining Set Selection For 2022

Posted by Louis Hui on

Every part of a house tells a story unique to it and the dining room is perhaps where most of these stories are created and also shared. 

While many of you are regularly using your dining room for eating, talking to family and various other reasons, have you ever stopped and wondered about your dining table?

What’s there to wonder about a dining table set, you may ask? Well, there’s a lot of things that a dining table can reveal about your family and many ways it can affect your house. 

Yes, a dining table’s aesthetics, its combination with the interiors and space, its shape, size, and seating capacity can say a lot of things to the onlookers. This is why it’s very important to select your set of dining tables carefully. 

The dining table that looks so beautiful in your neighbor’s house might not look that great in your house. And while the dining table you use might look pretty in your kitchen, it still may not be your best option.

Are we making this difficult for you? Don’t worry, we’ll make this easy! Here we will tell you all about a great dining table set for your house.

Before we discuss the ultimate guide to dining table selection, let’s have a look at the importance and benefits of selecting the perfect dining room furniture for your home.

Importance & Benefits of Good Dining Table

Traditionally speaking, the main objective and importance of a dining table revolves around its use for having meals together as a family, but is that all?

Today, the dining room and table set are not only used for meals but have also become an integral part of family rituals and routines. Beyond that, a dining table is important aesthetically as a decorative status symbol of houses.

Here are some reasons why a good set of dining tables is significant for your house:

1. It Brings Your Family Together

Modern families are very busy today, with each member trying to take care of their work, life, and personal lives, making it hard for them to spend time as a family. Having a dining table big enough for everyone ensures everyone is together during meals.

2. A Table For Important Family Meetings

Every dining table has a place for the head of the table or family - the place given to the member with the highest authority. That way, a dining table also becomes the place where family members assemble to have important and serious discussions that require a family head or leaders to guide them.

3. A Status Symbol

Your dining room furniture, without a doubt, becomes one of the most important status symbols for various families, especially during gatherings and parties. Depending on how well-maintained, space-taking and luxurious a dining table and chair set are, it often becomes the subtle and hidden parameter of a house’s status.

4. Aesthetically Integral And Ornamental 

A dining table isn’t something that is small and hidden away - it’s always at the center of a house and its style, design, and looks will largely impact the overall beauty of your house. This is why it becomes extremely important that you pick the right dining furniture for your house and family.

Versatile Dining Table Styles

The styles, types, and designs of dining tables and chairs are really endless, especially with so much progress in the field of interior design and decor. 

Even though we can’t possibly discuss each and every single style, here we will tell you about the most versatile types of dining table sets that will look good in most homes.

1. Black glass dining tables

Picking black glass dining tables is one of the most compatible types of dining tables that you can pick for your home. Black tempered glass dining tables will fit in most of the contemporary style homes and flats. It’s especially great for those who are striving for a modern, slick style interior.

2. Wooden top dining tables


The evergreen wooden top dining table design is classic when it comes to living rooms or kitchens. Wooden-top dining tables will look great in modern settings and will give your house a warm and cozy look.

3. Glass top dining table

Glass top dining tables are getting more and more popular in modern interior designs today. With their clear and transparent look providing a sense of luxury and a minimalistic approach towards design, glass top dining tables with wooden legs can make any place look great and stylish with its presence.

4. Modern white dining table set

White dining tables are another classy and ultra-modern dining table set that will give your home a slightly acoustic sense of style and modern touch. Even though they go with most interior designs, a modern white dining table set will provide an added layer of style if used to accentuate the contemporary design of a home.

5. Table and stool

Dining tables for families are all great, but what if you want to give your home a slightly rustic feel with less use of space? Specially designed for those living alone or for couples is a wooden print dining table with stools for two is a perfect choice. 

Perfectly suited for cramped or smaller spaces, this type of dining table will be easy to move around and save space. A fitting choice for students or those who tend to move around a lot.

Simple Steps To Dining Set Selection

To be honest, choices are endless and if you’d like to, you can even get creative with setting up your dining table. Dining tables are an integral part of your home’s aesthetics and style but there is something else that’s just as important, if not more, - their usability.

No matter how grand, luxurious and stylish your dining table is, if it doesn’t sit right in your home, then it’s not your ideal dining furniture. Then what does your ideal dining table look like? Let’s see how you can determine your ideal dining room furniture in these simple steps:

1. Determine Your Needs And Wants

It’s extremely important to first decide what your dining table must have (needs) and what you would like it to have (wants). While needs can’t be compromised on, wants can be adjusted given various factors involved. You can’t get a dining table set for 4 people if there are 8 members in your family.

Some questions that can help you determine your needs from your dining table are:

  • How big or small your dining table must be to fit into your kitchen/living room?
  • How many people/family members will regularly use the dining table?
  • What materials make up your dining table?
  • How much space would your dining table leave once settled in your house?
  • Is your dining table strong enough to withstand children/pets/weather?
  • Can you afford the repair work for your dining table if needed?

Questions that will help you understand your wants:

  • What shape or size did you have in mind when going to select a dining table?
  • Do the color and design match the interiors of your house?
  • Is it going to be regularly used and seen by strangers as well?
  • Are you buying it because you need it or just buying it to match the back wall?
  • Are you concerned with decorating it with flowers or other ornamental pieces?

Once you know why you are mainly buying your new dining table, you can rule out the wants that you can’t afford and move on to the next step.

2. Take The Measurements

Always, always keep in mind that measurements have to be taken seriously. Many times people select their favorite dining table and bring it home only to realize several days later that it’s either too small or too big for the dining room.

When you buy a dining table, you take your first look at it in a store and what may at first seem easy to fit in your dining area may later turn out to be too large for it.

When you bring a dining table into an area, you also need to consider how much area you will be leaving around it when no one is sitting. After that, you also need to consider how much area will be left when chairs are pulled away (in case anyone leaves the table). 

Also, consider the number of family members or guests at the table - will your dining room have enough space if all of the guests were to stand and leave the table at once?

These are the types of things people often fail to consider when buying a new dining table for their home sweet home. That’s why the expert advice would be to always be aware of the measurements - both of the dining table and dining area.

3. Learn The Material!

When you are busy admiring and gushing over that beautiful dining table you just spotted at the end of the store, it can be really easy to forget about the basics - but let’s not do that.

It’s extremely important to make sure that your luxurious dining table is really worth the money you’re gonna be spending on it. Sometimes, some woods used in crafting an excellent-looking dining table might not be strong enough to stand humid weather.

The glass dining table might be easily getting scratched or the spill might ruin the table - it could be many things. So always learn about the materials that have been used in making the dining table. 

Developing this habit will help you not only select the right dining table but also in maintaining it. You would know how regularly you need to use what products to ensure your dining table’s survival long-term.

4. Consider Its Usability

The usability of a dining table is about the practical balance in its use and maintenance. A dining table might be perfect in looks, seem affordable, and not so high-maintenance either, yet it can be useless for you.

We are not trying to discourage you from getting your favorite dining table, just reminding you not to ignore many other factors that will influence your decision.

For example, if there is a blind person, a pet, or small kids in your house, then it’s not safe to get that regal-looking dining table with sharply bent edges. 

All the same, if you have only a small family of fewer than 4 people, then it’s not exactly the right decision to buy a giant, 8-seater or a dining table for 6. Having meals together is a tradition that brings a family together at one single time - and this can be ruined easily if four people are sitting at a rather deserted-looking dining table.

Quite similarly, if you have a dining table with a top that might not be very forgiving to occasional spills, especially in presence of children and pets, might not be that great an idea.

Think Before You Buy…

There are many ways getting a nice dining table may improve your standards of life and sometimes, just make you feel good. 

Dining tables can create harmonious design accents when used and matched correctly with the interiors of your house. Always make sure that the aesthetics are not completely opposites of each other, or it may create a visual discrepancy. 

Take help from designers and experts to know more about the dining table and how it can affect the overall interior themes. Go for complementary colors and contemporary designs if you are not so sure about anything else.

All that being said, it’s very important that you don’t get too mesmerized by the design and end up forgetting about many other factors that your purchase will influence and be influenced by. 

As we earlier mentioned, the usability of the dining table has to be remembered all the time while making a purchase.

And most important, make sure you don’t end up regretting the money you spent. At its core, a dining table is there to help you have a peaceful meal. Establish your budget and start the hunt for your dream dining table!