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Top 6 Glass Dining Table Sets for 2021

Posted by Louis Hui on

Dining tables are perhaps one of the most important pieces of furniture that you can have at your home. The design you pick, how you place them in your house, how you decorate and organize - it can all reveal a lot about your family personality - and also affect it in little ways.

On top of everything, they’re highly versatile and practically the center of your house - you eat there, hold important conversations there, your children finish their homework and you celebrate your small parties at the dining table.

You can subtly and unconsciously tell a lot about yourself to your guests and create an impact just by picking the right dining table. And what’s better than a glass dining table, with its own class and elegance? 

Let’s have a look at the top 6 glass dining table sets that you can have in 2021 to light up your house with its beauty!

1. Black Glass Top Dining Table

An ultra-modern style 7 piece dining set, it comes with a table that features a tempered glass top and six chairs - each chair in the set having a metal frame in stainless steel.

This table set has a contemporary charm to it, especially with channel tufting and faux leather upholstery accenting the frame of the chair. The high back of the chair makes the whole set look like a unique mix of royal and modern design. The textured and matte design of the chair provides an elegant, complementary contrast to the glossy, shiny glass table.


Price: $288

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Glass, metal, stainless steel, and faux leather

2. Glass-top dining table with wooden print legs

This 5-piece dining set with a glass top is perfect for small families and close groups - it will make your place look cozy without taking up too much space. This dining table set for 4 is modern in design with wooden print legs and comfortable to sit in.

And while some of you may worry about it, the glass top is not that easily scratchable and its classic frame makes it durable to the maximum. So if you have children around your house, this dining table is good to go even with them.


Price: $324

Seating capacity: 4

Material: Glass, wood, metal, and fabric

3. Modern Glass Top Dining Kitchen Table (Gray)

This glass-top dining table with a black table base and grey chairs comes with six chairs, each with grey material covering it. This dining table for 6 can be variably used as both a dining table and/or coffee table - great for elaborate meetings.

The open design of the chair makes it eligible for not just dining or coffee, but also for family and friends assembling for conversations. The style follows a minimalistic, modern design to suit both the kitchen and living room.


Price: $385

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Glass and metal

4. Modern Glass Top Dining Kitchen Table (Black)

Pretty much like the above product, this dining table comes with six black fabric chairs and a fixed table. A dining table for 6, it’ll be a great addition to accentuate the light interiors of your kitchen or living room.

Aesthetically, this dining set would look gorgeous in a light grey or creamy white background. The sharp contrast in the color would accentuate not just the background but also the tasteful design of your unique dining set.



Seating capacity: 6

Material: Glass and metal

5. Glass Top Dining Table With Wooden Print Legs

The 7-piece dining set is incredibly modern and sleek in its looks with contemporary Scandinavian designs and durable material. A dining table for 6 people, you can entertain a larger family or group of friends here.

The beautiful Scandinavian design will work great in any setting due to its versatile design and modern style. Moreover, this dining table isn’t just about its use, but also about its ornamental beauty which will make your house look a little brighter and prettier.


Price: $359.10

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Glass and metal

6. Glass Top Dining Table With Wooden Print Legs (Grey)

This urban-style 7-piece dining set has an exquisitely wonderful design with durable material. It has faux wooden print skin on the metallic structure of the table and chair and comes with 6 chairs in total.

Its beautiful urban and contemporary design is an ideal fit for any modern house or apartment due to its clean finish and neat style. Both useful and beautiful, you wouldn’t need to worry about the legs of the table and chairs rusting, thanks to the faux wooden skin covering them.


Price: $359.10

Seating capacity: 6

Material: Glass and metal

How To Choose A Glass Dining Table

The biggest question of course is the process of selection. What other important criteria should you follow to pick the best available option?

While its elegance and ease of cleaning are always the most attractive features of glass top tables, there are some other needs to look at as well such as its size, shape, and weight, etc. 

Size And Weight 

Always keep in mind that the size and weight of your glass table’s top should be in sync with its base. The size of the table glass top should never be larger than the base or it’ll be extremely out of balance and at greater risk of being knocked over.


Glass tops can be available in various shapes - square, rectangle, circular, oval, hexagon, and many more. Round tabletops are the most preferred ones for most occasions as they allow for more room depending on their size. 

Other shapes must fall in line with the base of the table and the number of chairs you choose to have with them.

Seaters Accommodation 

It’s extremely important to ensure that your table would have enough space for the regular members who would use it. If you have a large family of 6 or more, having a small table can make the seating very chaotic, even if you have enough chairs.

The larger the size of the family, the larger the size of the table. In general, avoid using round table tops if your seater capacity goes above 6 - then it’s ideal to have a rectangular tabletop.

Overall Quality 

Other things to consider are the thickness of the tabletop and how durable it is. Always consider if you have children at home - tabletops need to be really durable in that case and must be hard to get scratched and easy to clean. 

Inform yourself about the material used, how to best maintain it and whether you will be able to invest the required time in its maintenance.

Your Comfort

In the end, what matters the most is comfort and accessibility. Dining tables can be used for various reasons - as they are; it always pays to first determine why you are buying the new furniture.

Is your choice inspired purely by aesthetics, necessity, or both? There are millions of options out there, but what’s fitting for you, only you can determine.