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73" Light Series Poker Table with Padded Rails Cup Holders Felt Foldable Legs

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Considering that the restriction on the size of the play area, the regular 96-inch poker table may not work well, but at the same time don't want to miss any poker game.

So, we designed such a light series of the foldable poker table

Using the folding iron feet to increase mobility, you can hold them in any place, and the size becomes 73 inches, which is very suitable for bosom friends to play together.


- 8 player position with Texas Holdem layout vibrantly designated perfect for tournaments and home games

- Heavy-duty steel folding legs ensure stability while retaining mobility, easy storage under your bed or loading into your car

- Comfortably padded rails with built-in cup holders design keep the game tidy and easy cleaning with a damp cloth

- Also, you can use this versatile table for all of your favorite cards and board games on wide smooth playing felt surface

- Unfolded dimensions: 73"L x 35"W x 30"H